5 Minutes to Build Your UX Strategy

A UX strategy can make or break a mobile or web app design – refer the following stats from Oregon – based design consultancy.

Few stats also mentioned in our previous article: Digital Face Value of User Experience (UX) Designer. A good UX strategy will ensure adaptable and usable of your product & services. This strategy will also serve as your company outline to create right application for the right audience.

  • 48% users frustrated and annoyed when sites poorly optimized for mobile.
  • 52% users said that bad mobile experience made them less
    likely to engage with a company.


Find out the App Experience:

Find out the right app for the market that performed outstandingly with UX which you wish to replicate. There are plenty of apps is available in the market to focus deeply on their features and create your UX plan. By doing exercise will help you dig into UX strategy and give more beneficial inputs to your development team, and you will able to incorporate key features into your UX strategy instantly.

Storyboards Design:

You don’t need to perform as an artistic talent for making storyboards design. You can start writing storyboard on the paper or use wireframing tools like Balsamiq. By doing so, you will be closer to create high performing user-friendly apps. It will help you to get more focused on the deliverables with your plan and brainstorm ideas about how your app will look to end users.

User Testing:

If you don’t test it, you will not find the corrective measures. You can start testing with at least five humans which you could make it simple and incorporate testing result into your UX strategy.With assessment, the result will give you surprising outputs, and your business can work towards to weaknesses into strength.

User Feedback:

Feedback can come from any source like social media, app store or viral marketing. Each aspect is important and relatively fruitful for your UX strategy. User feedback activity is an ongoing plan for the best result so that it will prioritize your future development for UX strategy.

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Product Manager | UX Enthusiast | FamilyMan

Product Manager | UX Enthusiast | FamilyMan

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