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Validate Your App Ideas With Few Simple Steps.

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Did you know? The app market is one of the fastest growing markets today in-universe. In India, 1BN of apps are installed by Indian user from Google Play store each year. The story doesn’t end here the numbers are only increasing exponentially as the app installed grown by 150% every year. Here is complete coverage. […]

5 Minutes to Build Your UX Strategy

A UX strategy can make or break a mobile or web app design – refer the following stats from Oregon – based design consultancy. Few stats also mentioned in our previous article: Digital Face Value of User Experience (UX) Designer. A good UX strategy will ensure adaptable and usable of your product & services. This […]

A Digital Face Value of User Experience (UX) Designer

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A Digital Face value of User Experience Designer (UX) Do you know 90% of users reported they stopped using an app due to poor performance? AND 86% deleted or uninstalled an app due to the problem functionality or design? Good part is 86% user believe an outstanding user experience is worth paying extra hence Apple, […]

7 UX Guide Deliverables | 2018

LinkedUx Creates Delightful Data-Driven UX. It helps to cultivate design process not only for the designers, but can also be a valuable addition to our clients providing detail information of user base, analytics, and platform architecture. LinkedUx offers all of them as deliverables to our clients to track our progress and receive some business inputs. […]